At The NIIC, our entrepreneurial guidance is hands-on. We are engaged and our energy is dedicated to you, the entrepreneur. We offer a network of volunteer mentors and trusted advisors to the businesses we help grow.

When you come to The NIIC, our engaged mentorship approach matches you with subject matter experts, serial entrepreneurs and service providers. Mentors are chosen based on their expertise as it relates to your needs, business challenges and strategic opportunities.

The role of a mentor is to provide advice and input on strategic issues that are critical to the development of your business. It’s not expected for them to spend time and effort on the production of deliverables (e.g., financial modeling, business plan development and marketing plans), but they may offer preparatory feedback, insight, network connections and resource augmentation.

Our mentor network ranges from serial entrepreneurs and c-suite executives, to subject matter experts and professional service providers. Their involvement is transactional, typically consisting of one-to-three meetings. Continuing the working relationship afterwards may occur if you and your mentor consent to do so.

They’ll work with you to provide guidance on mission-critical matters, such as:

  • Financial planning, including investment and funding
  • Business development
  • Marketing strategies
  • Human resources
  • General management
  • Strategic planning
  • Partnership agreements
  • Networking

Mentorship programs at The NIIC are flexible and available at your convenience, at every phase of your venture. The length and frequency at which you seek mentorship is entirely up to you, even if it’s a one-and-done meeting to ask, “How can I find a local company to make affordable prototypes?” That’s fine too.

To learn more about engaged mentorship at The NIIC, contact us.


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