Breaking Barriers—Co-founders: Problem or Opportunity?

Graphic by Shutterstock Three out of five startups fail because of compatibility issues between co-founders. An often-overlooked question for an entrepreneur is whether to go it alone or take on co-founders.  It is often lonely starting a business. No founder can possess all the talents and skills to start and launch a new business. Microenterprises […]

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Breaking Barriers—Vision

Graphic by Shutterstock The dictionary defines vision as “the ability to see something that you imagine, a picture in your mind, something that you see or dream.” This establishes the “fire in the belly” (unwavering passion, sense of urgency and resilience) that many vision-makers had for why they started their company. A popular motivational speaker […]

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Breaking Barriers—Igniting Your Passion

Graphic by Shutterstock Some research studies confirm entrepreneurial passion is an indicator of likely startup success. Do you have a burning desire to improve something or someone’s life? Do you wake up thinking about the difference your entrepreneurial idea might have on people’s lives – making things better, simpler, faster, or cheaper? If you do, […]


Breaking Barriers—If only…

Graphic by Shutterstock Have you ever heard the expression or maybe the excuse, “if only…”? It goes something like this:  If only, I had gone to college. If only, I had inherited some money. If only, I had a second chance to work harder in college, I could have gotten a better job. Life seldom offers […]

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Breaking Barriers—Take Care of Yourself. No one else will.

Graphic by Shutterstock Starting or building a business can be an emotional roller coaster with some extreme high highs and some really low, lows. Entrepreneurial self-care is real and necessary. Often entrepreneurs experience higher rates of mental illness due to loneliness, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, burnout, and depression. All the weight of the business—its success and […]

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