Digital Marketing Tips for Optimal Engagement

Tammy Allen, SR. Director | Marketing & Communications, NIIC

As appears in Business People magazine – Pro Speak

The essence of your brand is how an individual feels when engaging with you. How can you pursue this to end strong in 2022? Be intentional with digital marketing.

Here are three tips to strengthen your digital marketing and increase brand engagement.

Optimize Across Channels
Think big picture. Go where clients are. Consider blogs, videos, podcasts, live streaming, websites and social media. Today’s consumer interacts with brands multiple times in various ways before committing.

Consistency and rhythm provide opportunities for engagement. Digital marketing’s Rule of More has replaced traditional marketing’s Rule of 7. Increase frequency to ensure you are heard “above all the clutter in people’s newsfeeds or fields of vision,” says Kathi Kruse, Rule of 7: How Social Media Crushes the Old School Marketing.

Make It Personal
The more people who know, like and trust you, the more likely it is you will do business with them. For a more profound connection, share your origin story and reveal the inspirations and values behind your brand.

Personal connections with clients are why businesses exist. We come alongside our clients throughout their entrepreneurial journeys. We help them tell their stories, and get the word out about their companies and their experiences of starting and growing a business.

Clients become your loyal group of supporters. Positive experiences help build brand advocates through word-of-mouth and online reviews. Speaking of advocates, remember your employees or volunteers. Invite them to engage with your brand based on their comfort levels.

Look at the metrics of all the platforms you use. This may include website traffic and behaviors, social media metrics, email marketing results, spikes in inquiries and conversions, etc.

Connect the dots to identify what potentially impacted your results. Are there patterns or trends? What external factors might you consider? Adjust accordingly.

Have a strong, relevant brand by maintaining a cohesive digital presence and implementing a solid marketing strategy. Your brand depends on it.


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