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Confidence Leads to Success for Small Business Owner

Tracy Williams, Founder and CEO of King David’s Product & Service, shares how WEOC Women’s Business Center and its Director Leslee Hill have changed her life and helped eliminate business insecurities with leadership guidance courses and creating content....

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Communication is Key to Your Company’s Success

As appears in Business People magazine- ProSpeak Words and how you say them hold immense power. They shape beliefs, drive behavior, strengthen relationships, mitigate conflicts, improve public perception, and sell ideas. Effective communication with internal...

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Resources for Business Owners

Purdue Extension Allen County supports Northeast Indiana through the Extension’s Economic and Business Development Signature Programs. Part of their secret sauce is knowing about—and sharing—valuable resources with business owners. Here are two resources you may...

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The WEOC Women’s Business Center receives excellence award

Excerpt FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – A local small business-designated women’s group was recognized for its work. The WEOC Women’s Business Center (WBC) received the 2022 SBA Indiana Women’s Business Center of Excellence Award. SBA Great Lakes Regional Administrator...

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For Wayne’s WEOC Women’s Business Center receives award

Leslee Hill, WEOC WBC director, center, holds the 2022 SBA Indiana Women’s Business Center of Excellence Award. With her are from left, Stacey Poynter, SBA; Tammy Allen and Jami Thomas, both of The NIIC; Geri Aglipay, SBA; Hill, and Rosalina Perez, Rhonda Ladig, Maddy...

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Small Business Digital Ready—Tools to Help YOU Succeed

Mike Fritsch, NIIC President and CEO said, “This online content is a nice complement to our current offerings for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help connect 100 or more small business owners to these resources by the end of the year. Are you one of them?”

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An Entrepreneur’s Greatest Need May Not Be What You Think

If you ask people what entrepreneurs need the most to succeed, they will often tell you it’s money. Having the capital to operate and grow a business is important. Yet, I am convinced something else tops the list. It’s something business builders themselves are often unaware they need.

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