A Community of Substance for People of Substance.

NIIC was created to solve a problem. About 20 years ago, aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs had nowhere to go in Northeast Indiana to incubate their businesses. Many worked from their kitchen tables at home or local coffee shops, trying to make a go of it.

Visionary leaders imagined a place where innovation and economic development intersect for a COMMUNITY.

To address this problem, NIIC formed as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entrepreneurial community. Our community of innovators and entrepreneurs in the past 20+ years has:

launched hundreds of new products and patents,

created thousands of jobs for our neighbors,

infused hundreds of millions in grants and capital into our economy.

The mission WAS simple: to be rocket fuel for great ideas, people, and companies.

With new leadership and a new attitude, NIIC is pulling down barriers (geographic, racial, socio-economic). We are working with our regional Community of Communities™ to create an ecosystem of Entrepreneurship for All.

We are focused on collaboration and maximizing the impact of our regional partners.

Our NEW mission: to Catalyze the Community: Entrepreneurship for ALL.

We coordinate an ecosystem to provide our homegrown and attracted entrepreneurs and innovators with the support infrastructure, encouragement, and resources they need together as a Community of Communities.

Together, we will thrive in the modern innovation economy.

Entrepreneurship for ALL.


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