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You have to start somewhere. Remote-less options to start ahead.

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The NIIC Office Rentals via Upflex

The NIIC has partnered with Upflex to make renting our flexible coworking spaces easy, safe, and convenient.


There are many reasons to start your business at The NIIC, but one of the greatest is the community that forms working alongside other entrepreneurs.

The environment you work in can have a bearing on your likelihood of success. It may not seem like much, but the informal conversations and collegial advice you share with the people you work near are invaluable. Also, having people vested and interested in your success – encouraging you, connecting you, and inspiring you along the way.

We call our coworking spaces at The NIIC Flexspace. We offer flexible options to meet your needs, from one day to one year or more. Options include flexspace rentals through Upflex, Safespaces cabanas and oasis, and Residential Space for longer-term needs. Our amenities, including our state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional services, are available as you bring your idea to life.

Flexspace Rentals Via Upflex

The NIIC (Northeast Indiana Innovation Center) is one of the country's premier business incubators and Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs) with 74,400 square feet of Class A office space and 11 different conference rooms. We accommodate anywhere from 4 people to 82 people.

Through Upflex, you can secure office space for a minimum of one hour, including private offices for 1-2 people and larger offices that will seat up to 7. Don't be surprised if you think of a few innovations while you're here.

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Safe Spaces Program Features Cabanas & Oasis

We are committed to creating more options and choices to support the demands and requirements of post-pandemic entrepreneurs. Through a partial grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, The NIIC offers flexible place-making options for entrepreneurs to grow and build their businesses.

Our Safe Spaces Program transforms traditional cubicle design into coworking areas. These customized office pods protect individuals and their business assets. In collaboration with local partner YOURspace, The NIIC brings Northeast Indiana's entrepreneurial community two new innovative office experiences.

The first is called a Cabana and provides a welcome professional alternative to informal workspaces, such as coffee shops, public places, or the garage. In addition, Cabana is wi-fi enabled to offer a flexible hourly option to meet the need for side-gigs. It gets you out of your home and connects you with other interesting enterprising people and business support services.

The second option is Office Oasis, which replaces open cubicles with an enclosed modular office for private, productive work. The NIIC's custom configuration is uniquely designed for post-pandemic businesses looking for affordable, high-quality Space.

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Residential Space

The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center is a place of inspiration. Our 55-acre campus and 74,400 sq. ft. facilities serve as an entrepreneurial ecosystem, home to innovators, emerging businesses and high-performance companies.

We nurture the needs of entrepreneurs, and our facility reflects that. The NIIC is an entrepreneurial community, an inspired workplace and a dedicated service, ensuring your team and your guests have a memorable experience.

Our services are comprehensive. We are a hub of innovation and a think tank for new ideas. We foster personal and organizational creativity and welcome homegrown ideas, individuals and businesses.

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Indiana Coworking Passport

Working across the state to START UP Indiana, The NIIC is a member of the Indiana Coworking Passport. This means that NIIC FlexSpace members have limited access to 62+ other coworking spaces around the state of Indiana! Learn more

To learn more about coworking options and packages at The NIIC, feel free to contact us.


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