The NIIC not only serves pre-revenue and startup companies–we have services and capabilities for established corporations and nonprofit organizations, too. These services include:

Social Enterprise Lean Canvas.

The NIIC utilizes Lean Canvas and Lean Startup Tools to facilitate the reimagining of nonprofit programs and services. By examining your offerings from the perspective of the customer, you can align your strategic priorities with the validated needs of your consumer.

Business Value of Innovation.

By incorporating the use of So What, Who Cares, Why Me?™ Program, The NIIC helps drive ideation and action across your business or organization. Using WKI’s proprietary approach and online toolset, we take teams of up to ten people through a six-week pre-incubation program. During this time, teams work together to create a pipeline of high quantity ideas while quantifying the high potential business opportunities of your organization.

Part-time chief Innovation Officer (CINO).

If you’re thinking about taking your organization and its culture to a higher level, or contemplating how to better engage and maximize team loyalty and satisfaction, The NIIC can help. Our part-time CINO service can help build internal innovation and intrapreneurship.

By outsourcing CINO responsibilities, organizations experience greater flexibility in a number of ways:

  • Launching and developing in-house innovation education programs
  • Conducting organizational and divisional innovation competitions
  • Support investors and innovators with commercialization services

Our part-time CINO service is akin to a trial run. If you’re unsure if your organization needs a dedicated Chief Innovation Officer, or if you’re interested in capitalizing on the perspective of an experienced professional, our program is flexible, low risk and hugely beneficial.

Develop your Talent Pipeline.

We offer coaching and mentoring services to pre-identified employees within your organization. Using psychometric assessments, like Gallup, Predictive Index, Matthew Kelly’s Dream Manager and other life-coaching services, The NIIC will improve human resources and organizational development functionality to bring out the best in your people. Program duration is on a monthly basis for one year.

Custom Innovation Services.

Technical and business assistance allows us to proactively address common challenges private and family-owned businesses often face.

These challenges include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Formulating an exit strategy
  • Expanding products and services outside core markets
  • Succession planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Talent recruitment and selection
  • Facilitation of leadership retreats

Contact The NIIC for a custom proposal that meets your needs and challenges.

Speaker’s Bureau.

If you’re in need of a guest speaker for your next meeting or retreat, talk to The NIIC. We’re connected to a large network of accomplished and engaging thought leaders. Topics range in all areas of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Generational changes in the workplace
  • Leadership lessons from the world’s top thinkers
  • The messy business that is innovation
  • How to innovate and think strategically

To learn more about corporate innovation services at The NIIC, please, contact us.


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