Business Building—It’s the Way Forward.

Tammy Allen, Director | Marketing & Programs, The NIIC
Photo by WKI, wendykennedy.com

If living through a pandemic has taught us anything, it’s flexibility, resiliency, vision, and finding silver linings. Wendy Kennedy, President and Founder, WKI, wendykennedy.com, calls these silver linings milestone moments. “We have to stay focused on the silver linings. We’ve been through tough times before. Focus on the true value you are delivering,” said Kennedy.

As a world-renown serial entrepreneur and design thinking trailblazer, she graciously imparts her knowledge and experience. One example is serving as the keynote speaker for The NIIC signature Dr. Daryl Yost Ideas@Work Event. Here are ways she suggests for building your business forward.

Find your North Star. Vision matters. Recalibrate and commit to a renewed vision. Where are you trying to go?  

Customers’ needs have changed.  Be willing to change with them. Get to the heart of the matter. “How I deliver WKI material now versus six months ago is quite different. I’ve learned new technology to support my clients,” said Kennedy.

Ecosystems have been disrupted. Map and model how your world has changed. Identify new opportunities and partners. How do you fit into this new ecosystem? 

Think differently about your competition. Direct and indirect. It’s about differentiators, not features. You don’t have to be better. You do have to be different.

Digitize. This is paramount to your business model. And, yes, certainly “up” your marketing game to reach more people in different and more engaging ways.

Shift from growth to profit mentality. Rethink how you work. Is your path sustainable? 

Build entrepreneurial flexibility. Identify how to diversify your product and service offerings. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of innovation. Be resilient. It makes all the difference to rise above the situation.

Ideate to innovate. This is the way forward. Whiteboard, use frameworks to bring people together to ideate your business (try WKI napkin tool). 

In conclusion, listen to your entrepreneurial heart. “You can do this! HAVE NO QUIT,” said Kennedy. “I love the thrill of doing what I do every day. I’m going into year 16 for WKI. I have no quit.”


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