Councilwoman Tucker Announces Second Entrepreneurial Competition

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Fort Wayne City Councilwoman Sharon Tucker has announced the next Project Activate SouthEast (PASE) Fort Wayne, an innovative program designed to engage and empower entrepreneurs to locate their service-based businesses in the Southeast quadrant of the city.

The PASE Fort Wayne program features two components: workshops and training preparation and then a formal business pitch. Entrepreneurs interested in applying to PASE must complete an entrepreneurial training program such as The BUILD Institute, a SEED program, Kauffman FastTrac, or the Breakthrough Program offered through the NIIC, or have proof of completing such a program.  In addition to these programs there will be workshops throughout the summer designed to offer additional business plan writing assistance.

The City released the following:

For the pitch competition, PASE is partnering with Bloomington-based Crossroads at The Mill to develop a custom program; Crossroads is Indiana’s largest annual business pitch competition.

The PASE pitch competition will allow qualified entrepreneurs to showcase their business plans for local judges. The selected business will receive an award of up to $150,000 in business wrap-around services. These services will be provided in-kind or at a deep discount by local businesses invested in cultivating new talent in Southeast Fort Wayne. The only requirement for participating in the competition is that the selected party must locate their brick-and-mortar business in the Southeast quadrant of the city and commit to that location for three years.

Application to apply opens to the public June 1 and is available online.

2021 competition winner Marquessa Ewing of The Backyard stated, “Participating in the PASE competition has opened up doors for my business and introduced me to people I never would have met. I encourage entrepreneurs to apply.”

In addition to seeking applicants for the program, Councilwoman Tucker continues to seek business partners for the program who would like to be a part of helping PASE entrepreneurs succeed. If a business would like to partner with PASE, they should reach out to Councilwoman Tucker at Sharon.tucker@cityoffortwayne.org


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