New Online Ecosystem Launches for Northeast Indiana Entrepreneurs—during Global Entrepreneurship Week


Fort Wayne, November 16, 2023 — Today, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (NIIC) launched the NEIN Venture Hub for individuals who need help to start, launch, and grow their businesses. NEIN Venture Hub is a technology-enabled solution that integrates the tools, knowledge, and support entrepreneurs need.

“It is fitting to launch during Global Entrepreneurship Week, which includes 40,000 activities worldwide,” said Mike Fritsch, President and CEO Of NIIC. This year’s theme is removing barriers and welcoming all, which dovetails with NIIC’s vision of Entrepreneurship for ALL.

The pathway for launching NEIN Venture Hub included over 70 meetings as part of a listening tour in Northeast Indiana. “We met with economic development professionals, entrepreneurial support organizations, entrepreneurs, and educators. What bubbled to the top was the need for all support providers to work together to help entrepreneurs. We heard you. This ecosystem will help make that possible.”

About 50 organizations and resource partners currently use NEIN Venture Hub. That number will grow as communities in the region lead launch events. Individuals can leverage collective resources, knowledge, and expertise to tackle challenges, foster innovation, and maximize impact by engaging in this online ecosystem. The platform is free of charge to individuals. Register at https://startupspace.app/hub/niic/.

Partnerships are available for companies who would like a customized sub-hub on NEIN Venture Hub. Contact Rhonda Ladig at rladig@niic.net. Contact your local economic development corporation or chamber of commerce to see if your community is part of NEIN Venture Hub.

Primary offerings of NEIN Venture Hub include:

  1. Resources—find specific resources needed through a robust network.
  2. Events—find information all in one place for events and training happening throughout Indiana.
  3. Knowledge—access tools, articles, blogs, video training to upskill when needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  4. Mentorship—mentors, and mentees connect here.

“We’re bringing NEIN Venture Hub to the region because we believe every person, company, and community has the opportunity to prosper through entrepreneurship. This will help them build wealth and autonomy and improve outcomes for the community,” said Fritsch. “We hope to increase access to long-term entrepreneurial success by coordinating regional supports and efforts.”

About the Platform:

The platform used for NEIN Venture Hub is Startup Space, powered by the Economic Impact Catalyst (EIC). “EIC focuses on data-driven insights and solutions drawn from the voices of small businesses and we are honored to welcome NEIN Venture Hub and NIIC to our national network,” said David Ponraj, founder and CEO of Economic Impact Catalyst (EIC). “NIIC shares our belief that entrepreneurship holds the power to solve some of the most critical problems faced by communities, and we look forward to supporting their growth.”


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