NIIC + Electric Works.

Grow your Business with On-Campus Resources for Tenants.

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting yet challenging journey. That’s why Electric Works and NIIC partner to bring you the essential services you need to thrive.

Together, we’re here to support you where you are, right here at Electric Works.

What do you need to elevate your business to that next level? Maybe it’s tactical business building, entrepreneur business coaching sessions, or business plan building. We have you covered.

What you get as an Electric Works tenant:

Tactical Business Building Q&A

30-minute, monthly sessions

  • Personalized, face-to-face or via email
  • Learn about valuable resources on topics like business establishment, resource matching, ecosystem navigation, and idea testing

NIIC’s expert coaches are here to empower you with knowledge and guidance to succeed.

Business Plan Building

Up to 3 hours per client at no

Access to:

  • Support to identify best-fit capital options
  • Technical assistance in creating a compelling business plan
  • Technical assistance to develop a pitch deck for capital acquisition

With NIIC’s expertise, you’ll be well-prepared to secure the funding you need to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

Coaching Sessions

60-minute, Monthly Sessions

Opportunities to:

  • Define your vision of success
  • Set and achieve your goals
  • Navigate the complexities of business
  • Gain expertise in areas like sales, marketing, and budgeting
  • Access support for HR, government contracting, and more

NIIC’s dedicated coaches are your partner in growth, helping you chart your path to success.

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