Fewer than 2% of U.S. businesses reach the pinnacle of high performance growth, profitability and innovation.

These businesses have annual revenues of over $5 million. They’re referred to as high performance companies, and at some point in their life cycle, they have to scale.

Scaling a venture is no small task. It takes relentless focus and insightful decision-making. Businesses scale successfully have an unwavering expectation for excellence in four key categories: capital growth, business modeling, market opportunities and people power.

High performance companies ready to scale should come to The NIIC. Our services are comprehensive and time-tested. We’ll work with you to carefully orchestrate the dimensions of excellence necessary to properly scale your business, and when the time is right we’ll help you plan for a business exit.


Capital fuels growth. Plain and simple. High performance companies require steady access to a continuum of capital to ensure stable, long-term success. To capitalize on product introductions, geographic market expansions, strategic acquisitions and new customer segments, you’ll need financial partners capable of growing with you.

Our longstanding partnerships with banks, credit unions, institutional and angel investors make the continuum of capital easily accessible for high performance companies working with The NIIC.

For high performance companies thinking about SBA-backed loans, private placement memorandums or dabbling in crowdfunding, The NIIC is your trusted advisor and financial expert.

Business Modeling.

Disruptive, high performance companies recognize the importance of developing and executing a robust and innovative business model to navigate the uncertain terrain of venture scaling.

We’ll work with you to develop an expansive business model that challenges the status quo by identifying the competitive advantages and opportunities your business will need to surpass the competition and stake a majority claim in the marketplace.

If you manage a high performance company, and you’re interested in expanding into new territory, The NIIC can help. We work with knowledgeable partners like The SearchLite to perform customer discovery and validation to ensure your business model is market-tested, long before you deploy any resources, capital or talent.

Market Opportunities.

Growth-driven companies are obsessed with blue ocean business strategies. The goal is to create and capture exceptional value in the uncontested, untapped white space of the markets they serve. Doing so extends your reach and value proposition, setting your business up for adjacent and vertical market opportunities.

The process is not without difficulty. In trying to challenge the status quo, you run the risk of cannibalizing your core market. Having an experienced advisor like The NIIC greatly increases your likelihood for success, and improves your company’s overall approach to execution, product and market risk.

We analyze and test your company’s infrastructure to determine your legacy beliefs and market assumptions, validate new consumers and find opportunities to optimize the launch of new, credible products and services in order to capture market share.

Before you form a new business division, create a spinoff technology or sell your intellectual property, contact The NIIC. Our resources and expertise are unparalleled in the community.

People Power.

High performance companies need high performance people. In today’s innovation-focused world, businesses flock to where talent lives. The NIIC is a hub for talent, located in the educational corridor adjacent to Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne and Ivy Tech Community College’s North Campus.

As an entity, The NIIC has strategic resource partnerships, including recruiters, staffing agencies, interns, professors, service providers and workforce development organizations. The entrepreneurial community at our 55-acre campus offers the amenities, culture and infrastructure to help you successfully recruit and compete for talent.

Talent is critical to your growth objectives. Think of The NIIC as part of your management team. We’ll work together to help you attract, retain and grow the right people to give your business a competitive edge.

To learn more about scaling and successful business exits at The NIIC, contact us.


The NIIC Navigator™ is an interactive online toolset designed to provide a personalized roadmap to entrepreneurs and their path to venture success. Think of it as a GPS, guiding you through the stages of starting, building and growing your business. The NIIC Navigator recognizes that business paths change direction often. For that reason, the system documents user-history in real time, and reroutes paths accordingly. The tool is coming soon and will be available to both resident and remote clients.


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