If you’re serious about an idea and you’re serious about entrepreneurship, you know there are a lot of business incubation programs, coworking sites and growth accelerators to choose from. Before you make a decision, we advise you to have a look around, do some research and carefully weigh your options.

When you’re ready to hear what The NIIC has to offer, here’s the short answer: A lot.

We categorize our entrepreneurial resources into four pillars: Capital, Talent, Workplace and Networking. The approach is time-tested with proven results. It’s the reason businesses we help start and grow have a 91.6% survivability-rate five years after inception of a new business venture. Ventures simply grow faster and stronger at The NIIC.

Our experience gives us insight and understanding into the needs of entrepreneurs at all levels. The knowledge we’ve gained helps strengthen the ways we serve you, constantly evolving to better your entrepreneurial experience at The NIIC.


The Lifeblood of business.

Having facilitated over $91.0 million in capital investment and research grants, it’s safe to say that we have the knowledge, connections, and financial expertise to steer you in the right direction to secure funding.

Our goal is to help navigate you through the challenges of capital that many small businesses face. Through our community capital access ladder,  The NIIC facilitates, convenes, and provides capital infusion to promising entrepreneurs and their ventures through gap financing, pre-seed and startup stage funding, asset-based financing and working capital loans.

Click here to learn more about our current access to capital programs.

The NIIC has also developed partnerships with additional sources of capital, appropriate at various phases of the entrepreneurial path and for ventures of various types. They include Elevate Ventures and VisionTech Partners, among others.



It may seem obvious, but the people you surround yourself with have a monumental role in your venture’s survival and success. Your team should be reliable, well-balanced and equally committed to your company’s mission and vision.

As your business grows and evolves, so will your needs for skilled talent. We’ll work with you to develop a plan for evaluating and acquiring the best talent at every stage of your venture.

  • Evaluation of entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses
  • Personal development though one-on-one business building and side-by-side coaching
  • Networking and connection opportunities with other innovators at The NIIC and in the entrepreneurial community
  • Access to staffing and recruiting agencies
  • Team development and training
  • Talent recruitment from local high schools and universities



The success of an entrepreneur is attributable to a number of factors. One that’s often overlooked is the environment in which you choose to start and grow.

Entrepreneurs are at their best when surrounded by their peers in supportive atmospheres of learning and innovation. It’s vital that the appropriate technologies and amenities, specific to their needs, are accounted for and readily on hand.

The NIIC provides all of this. Our facilities on the Northeast Indiana Innovation Park Campus in Fort Wayne offers both wet and dry labs, professional fully-furnished office suites and private offices, private and semi-private conferences and more.

Our facility is designed to accommodate the dynamic and fast-changing needs of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Our entrepreneurs think of The NIIC as a place where life, work and learning converge and thrive. The NIIC is the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in our region. Come be inspired. Take yourself and your business to the next level.

If you’d like to further explore the ins and outs of The NIIC facilities, you can do so here.



Regardless of how successful you’ve been, or what stage you are in your venture–your entrepreneurial network of professionals, peers and colleagues is enormously valuable.

With connections on local, national and international levels, working at The NIIC will expand your network connections to get you in contact with the right people at the right time.

Our professional relationships span diverse industries, organizations and professions worldwide, giving us–and you–particularly valuable access to a circle of influence and a team of trusted advisors.

  • Specialized service providers (e.g., lawyers, bankers, insurance agents and accountants)
  • Capital connections
  • Subject matter experts
  • Engineering and manufacturing resources to 3D modeling, prototyping, and production
  • Business mentors

To learn more about our comprehensive resources, contact us.


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