Navigate Maternity Prioritizes Black Mothers’ Health with Innovative Tech

Cate Charron, Inside Indiana Business

After enduring a life-threatening experience giving birth, Ariana McGee left her corporate job to launch a startup to help Black mothers have healthy and safe births.

Fort Wayne-based Navigate Maternity is led by three Black women to reduce health disparities and the high maternal mortality statistics. The company produces a wearable intuitive monitoring system that collects data and can notify providers of any significant changes or alarming trends.

“What continues to motivate me is that I want other mothers to have that same experience,” MeGee told Business of Health Reporter Kylie Veleta. “I want them to be able to enjoy being a mom and not fear death and not fear ‘will something bad happen to me because somebody doesn’t listen,’ or ‘we’re not taking the appropriate steps to ensure my safety and to ensure the safety of my child.’”

The system monitors things like blood pressure, heart rate and weight. Their vitals can be accessed by the mother’s care team in real-time, which the company says serves as a more proactive approach to perinatal care.

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