Buy a Business, Save a Town

Over the next five years, the anticipated retirement of Boomer business owners will have significant impact on small-town economies in Northeast Indiana.  Many Boomer-owned businesses may close as owners retire, especially if there are no successors or buyers. This can lead to a loss of economic activity, jobs, and services within the community. Small businesses […]

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The Art of Scaling Up

Here at the NIIC, we focus our business coaching on helping small businesses to scale. While we are well known for our work with start-ups, we also provide resources and support for businesses of 20-200 employees that are ready for breakthrough growth. One of the resources I recommend is Scaling Up, a book by Verne Harnish that […]

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A New Perspective On Childcare

This article first appeared in the Journal-Gazette on December 16, 2023 In the heart of Indiana, the often-overlooked heroes of childcare are grappling with challenges that hinder their ability to thrive as business owners. In-home childcare providers, a crucial but undervalued sector of the childcare landscape, face a myriad of obstacles that not only affect […]


How Peer-To-Peer Networking Helped Our Businesses Grow

3rd Thursday Client Connect at NIIC One of the compelling reasons for moving my startup marketing agency into the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (NIIC) was the opportunity to network with other business builders. As a state-certified technology park and Opportunity Zone, the NIIC is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. While these new neighbors represented many […]

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JetPro Pilots network provides business aviation solutions.

For businesses who own aircraft, business aviation is crucial to their success and to the success of their passengers and clients. They may not always have the pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance technicians required where and when you needed. JetPro Pilots, based in Northeast Indiana, can help. JetPro Recruit™ service helps businesses fill full-time openings […]

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