Clarity Matters: Start the New Year Right

Photo by Jonas Svidras on Pexels Think about a time when you entered a cluttered room. Files are piled up on each other, items are topsy-turvy, and the space needs to be more tidy. It can be stressful to behold, not to mention anxiety-inducing. But we need to note that this doesn’t only happen with […]

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Navigate Differences

Each of us is unique. Our diversity is defined by visible characteristics like age, race, or culture. It also includes what you can’t see, like ideas, opinions, skills, and values. Contrary to the notion that differences only cause division, we can discover tremendous beauty in diversity through understanding. To start now, register for this Navigate […]

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The Power of Women Angel Investors for Gender Equality in Business

Photo by Rodnae Productions on Pexels Women have come a long way. We are a solid economic pillar, continuously moving boldly as we carry big visions that make a difference. But there’s no denying there remains a disparity. There is yet much to accomplish. The good news—there are tools and platforms that can help more […]


5G: A Deeper Dive

Part 2 of 2-Blog Series 5G: What Is IT, and Why Does It Matter? provided the basics of 5G and introduced some new terms and potential uses for the 5G rollout. Let’s dive deeper into all things 5G with Sanjay Udani, Ph.D., Technologist and Vice President for Public Policy at Verizon. Here are four ways […]

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5G: What Is It, and Why Does It Matter?

Part 1 of 2 Blog Series We’ve all heard about 5G and its next wave of technological opportunities. Yet, what does that mean, exactly, for consumers and businesses moving forward? Here to unpack those possibilities is Sanjay Udani, Ph.D., Technologist and Vice President for Public Policy at Verizon. In the first of this two-blog series, […]

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