Solid Foundation, Innovative Services Differentiate Growing, Northeast Indiana Business

Photo by Holm Court Reporting & Video

During an interview with Cameron Smith, President, Owner, Court Reporter, Videographer, Holm Court Reporting & Video, he shares the company’s evolution and how innovative services differentiate his company.

The NIIC: What problem was your company formed to solve?

Cameron Smith: My father-in-law started Holm Court Reporting & Video in 1986. When I purchased the company in 2017, I recognized the need to add some modernization to match the way the industry has changed. We have always existed to provide litigation services to attorneys, including arbitrations, depositions, mediations—any service that might need a court reporter. That hasn’t changed. Yet, today we do a few things differently. For one, we offer electronic transcripts. We also offer hard copies, but many of our clients appreciate and prefer the paperless route, especially because we offer hyperlink capability. That means when clients are reading a transcript and searching for an exhibit, they can click on that hyperlink and find that exhibit no matter where it exists in the transcript.

The NIIC: What triggered the launch of your business?

Cameron Smith: I chose to purchase Holm Court Reporting & Video because I realized it presented a unique opportunity. The local competition seemed to be lacking modernization. Purchasing the company and offering modernization offered a great opportunity to stand out from our competition and take the company to the next level. I have really enjoyed the clients and attorneys we work with, and my goal is to support them as best as possible. Purchasing Holm Court Reporting & Video was a good business opportunity because of that growth potential.

The NIIC: How does it work?

Cameron Smith: We are retained by law offices, and sometimes attorneys reach out to us directly. Here’s how it works. Attorneys schedule a deposition, which is an opportunity for them to interview a witness before a case goes to trial. Essentially, it’s a pre-trial way to gain information lawfully through the discovery process. They send out subpoenas to take the deposition. Once the deposition is scheduled, a court reporter has to be present. Court reporters administer oaths, record the depositions and provide transcripts. Clients can retain our services through a phone call or email to our office, or attorneys can retain us through the website.

The NIIC: How has Holm Court Reporting & Video engaged with The NIIC?  

Cameron Smith: We chose The NIIC for our new location because it offered the ability to collaborate with other companies that aspire to grow and broaden their reach. The space is beautiful and attractive, and it gives us access to multiple conference rooms. That’s important for Holm Court Reporting & Video because it gives us the opportunity to accommodate multiple depositions at the same time, something our previous location didn’t provide. I also appreciate the support that’s available at the NIIC. Having connections to people to discuss growth is really important. And of course, from a financial standpoint, we can save some money by not having to rent out multiple locations. The NIIC offers us to keep all our services under one roof.

The NIIC: What’s on the horizon for your company?

Cameron Smith: One way we can capitalize on what has been happening with the pandemic is through remote depositions. Previously, the court reporter had to be physically present with the witness. Indiana has recently passed legislation to allow the legal system to work smoothly, even with restrictions and quarantines. We can now swear in a witness remotely with proof of identification. We have even been retained a few times to handle depositions in other states, and we would like to expand our reach and do more national business. In the Northeast Indiana region, we are still offering services others aren’t, and we are working to acquire more clients locally as well. Hopefully, the word is spreading about the quality job we do for attorneys in Northeast Indiana.

The NIIC: What’s one thing people should know about Holm Court Reporting & Video right now?

Cameron Smith: The one thing to know is that we are a local company that has been in business since 1986. Chuck Holm, our founder, is still active in the business. He has laid a tremendous foundation for our company and done an excellent job of establishing his name. If you’ve been in the legal industry, the odds that you know who Chuck Holm is are really high. They call him the guy with a mask.

In 1977, Chuck was formally trained in the military to be a court reporter with a steno mask. These masks have actually made a re-emergence. Essentially, you put a mask over your face that records what you are saying, which mutes other sounds to avoid disruptions. So people should know that we have a very rich history of dependability and quality service. Everything Chuck Holm stands for is what I believe in. We are reliable and now current. He built a solid foundation that we’re continuing.


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