A Mastermind

We are the average of the 5 people we hang around most. Do any of those people eat, sleep, and breathe your determination to build a successful business? Do they push you to achieve your biggest dreams and get as vulnerable about your passion as you need? Do they act as team mates in your business, advocating and making connections for you?

Mastermind members do.

They also:

  • Help you think big
  • Give honest and focused feedback
  • Allow you to tap into experience and skills of others
  • Boost your everyday mental health
  • Increase your follow-through


Sales Mastermind Curriculum

What does the Sales Mastermind entail? $399 for up to 6 months, 3-Phases:

  • Phase 1: Understanding Your Customer, Understanding Yourself, and Profitable Networking
  • Phase 2: Sales and Marketing Funnel, Communication, Follow-up Methods
  • Phase 3: Go For No 21 Day Challenge

April Kick-off


A mastermind is only successful if you are willing to

  • Attend each meeting
  • Brainstorm on member businesses, not just your own
  • Share your experiences to help others
  • Do the work outside of the meetings


  • Revenue and profit growth
  • No longer feeling alone
  • Clarity of business model and customer journey
  • Acceptance from others going through the same thing
  • Help making key decisions
  • Accountability
  • Community advocates
  • Pushing you beyond your self-imposed limits

You SHOULD join if you

  • Ambitious AND open to new ideas and opportunities
  • Need to contribute income to help support your household
  • Are operating your business as a business: you know your numbers

You Should NOT Join If You

  • Are not interested in helping others build their business
  • Not seeking to expand your network or grow your business
  • Already consistently reaching your revenue goals

How it Works:


Change your mindset.

Attend the April kick-off.

Invest $399.

Get Started

Show Up

Attend each meeting. Practice what you Learn.


Grow your business.


“I never knew how important it was to have a strong group of other entrepreneurs around you. We run into similar hurdles. We pool each other’s resources and connections, and move forward in a strong way. This has been insanely important in the building of my business. A lot of the connections and movement I have made in my business has been directly because of the WEOC.”

— Megan Masterson, Ground Down

“WEOC has helped us build an infrastructure and fed our hearts. The women in my mastermind inspire each other, share stories, and help each other make decisions. ”

— Nicole Keister, Owner of 46 Graphics

For-profit sales training programs = $1000-$3,000.

The WBC Mastermind program is only $399

That’s only $16.65 per meeting.

Think Bigger • Increase Your Profit • No more feeling alone • Accountability

Ready to Get Started?



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