I have an idea for a startup.

Innovative and passionate is what entrepreneurs are. Rolling up their sleeves and turning ideas into reality is what they do – and the committed ones do it a lot – a whole lot.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s serious about bringing an idea to life, we’re serious about working with you. The NIIC is our community’s most comprehensive resource for high-potential startups with revenues of up to $1 million.

Here you’ll learn the entrepreneurial business-building process, and when you’re ready to get started, we are too.

The Entrepreneur's Path
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We all have to start somewhere. This is the first step. You’ve come up with a great idea, and you’re ready to bring it life. But what’s next? You have a lot of questions. We have a lot of answers. Go ahead, ask away. Get serious.

It’s time. You’ve done the research and validated your idea. You’re ready to launch your company. All that’s left is securing the resources to do so. We can have you and your venture up and running in a matter of hours. Be committed.

It’s working. It’s actually working! Your lifelong dream of starting your own company has finally come true. Congratulations are in order, but so is the need to plan for growth and expansion. After the cake’s gone, let’s talk. Be ambitious.

You’ve met your initial business and strategic goals. Now you’re ready to ask yourself the next big question: Are you ready and willing to take it to the next level? If you are, it’s time to go fast. Be a hometown success.

Be proud. You made it. This is when you look back and realize how far you’ve come. You’ve learned a lot along the way, and now is your chance to share. Whether it’s insight, resources or opportunities, giving back is the final step in a job well done. Contact us to explore ways that you can pay it forward. Be a serial entrepreneur and mentor.

Coworking @ The NIIC.

You have to start somewhere. Why not start ahead.

Connect, collaborate and work alongside other entrepreneurs at our 55-acre, certified innovation park campus. Coworking at The NIIC gives you the unique opportunity to work side-by-side with likeminded peers. This gives you a step ahead of the competition, enabling you to improve and differentiate yourself and your company. Coworking also lets you take advantage of our amenities, attend workshops and receive access to The NIIC’s venture advisory services, coaching and professional resources.

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Coaching @ The NIIC.

You’re new to this. Don’t worry. We’re not.

The NIIC is a nonprofit organization that runs like a business. Our business acumen, network and track record will help you navigate through the choppy waters of starting, growing and scaling your business. We’re on the short list of certified Indiana innovation parks (24 total). Our focus is your success and strengthening our community. We’re committed to those we support, and we do everything in our power to give you an edge. This includes business advising, educating and assisting you in all areas and stages of your business venture.

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Resources @ the NIIC.

You’ve invested your heart and soul. Now it’s our turn.

Having facilitated over $36.2 million in capital investment and  $42 million in research grants for our clients, we have the experience and financial prowess to advise and guide you in the right directions as you launch and grow your business.

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Women’s entrepreneurial opportunity center.

For women entrepreneurs ready to make their ideas grow.

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Center (WEOC) is an official U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) Women’s Business Center, offering timely assistance to women entrepreneurs at all stages in their venture paths. From business ideation and startup to growth and expansion. Services focus on lessening barriers to higher levels of women-owned and women-led businesses. This includes access to capital, growth, mentorship, and overcoming failure.

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Student venture lab.

You’re never too young to innovate. Let’s get started.

The NIIC Student Venture Lab (SVL) Program gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to start and grow businesses in a supportive, success-focused environment. Based on proven seed acceleration models and powered by the best practices of the Global Acceleration Network (GAN)–the #1 ranked seed accelerator program in the world – The NIIC’s SVL Program offers seed investments and comprehensive resources to selective student-owned ventures.

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To learn more about starting a business at The NIIC, contact us.


The NIIC Navigator® is an interactive online toolset designed to provide a personalized roadmap to entrepreneurs and their path to venture success. Think of it as a GPS, guiding you through the stages of starting, building and growing your business. The NIIC Navigator® recognizes that business paths change direction often. For that reason, the system documents user-history in real time, and reroutes paths accordingly. The tool is coming soon and will be available to both resident and remote clients.

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