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What Problem Are You Solving?

What problem are you solving? It’s one of the first questions we ask aspiring entrepreneurs. People pay problem solvers. Consumers seek ways to overcome an obstacle, experience a better product or service, or simplify a process. Need support for your innovative, entrepreneurial journey? Contact us at NIIC. 

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New Leadership, New Vision, Collaboration Drive Entrepreneurship for ALL in Northeast Indiana

Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (NIIC) is now Doing Business As (DBA) Northeast Indiana Innovation Collective to emphasize its commitment to a new collaborative plan for entrepreneurship support. “We believe all aspiring entrepreneurs deserve the chance to pursue economic prosperity through entrepreneurship. With a new attitude, vision, and brand, NIIC is activating Entrepreneurship for ALL,” said Mike Fritsch, President & CEO, of NIIC.

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BioPoly® Announces FDA Clearance of Its Lesser Toe Implant

FORT WAYNE, IN – BioPoly LLC has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted clearance for its BioPoly® Lesser Toe System, BioPoly’s second FDA-cleared product in the U.S. market. BioPoly’s Great Toe System was the first product to receive FDA...

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Get Real Glass Floor Network Educates Women on Investing

WEOC Women’s Business Center’s Get Real Glass Floor Network eduates women on investing. Check out this video. Register to attend. The network meets quarterly, with the next meeting on December 1, 5:00 – 6:15 p.m....

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Digital Ready Making Big Impact for Small Businesses

Small businesses in Northeast Indiana are making a big impact on their businesses through a collaborative program through WEOC Women’s Buisness Center and Verizon. Online training is offered at no charge through the end of this year. Simply create an account...

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Business Leaders Explore and Reach Full Growth Potential through John Minnich, LLC

John Minnich, LLC, dba, Strategic Executive Advisory, serves as a business partner to CEOs, business owners, and executive teams. He focuses on the complete business model. His years of expertise in accounting, finance, technology, H.R. oversight as CFO, operations, and business administration uniquely qualify him to serve his clients with a broad view.

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$10,000 Small Business Grant Opportunity

Verizon’s Small Business Digital Ready is an online training designed to give small businesses personalized tools to succeed in the digital economy. This is offered at no charge through December 31, 2022. Click here to register and get your customized training...

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Live On Purpose

As appears in Business People magazine – The Scene Many variables during the COVID-19 pandemic led to the nation’s quit-rate, reaching a 20-year high in November 2021, according to PewResearch.Org. Top reasons included “low pay (63%), no opportunities for...

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Resident-Driven Advocacy

Photo by Tim Brumbeloe, Business People magazine Excerpt – as appears in Business People magazine Zanzy Lewis has been the executive director of LTC Ombudsman for just a few short months, but it’s a position that she was made for. “I’ve always had a passion for...

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Can People Easily Find You to Fix Their Problem?

Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels A Look at Digital Marketing Welcome to the digital era—where having a digital storefront for your business is crucial. Not having online visibility equals huge losses on leads to grow your sales. Here’s why. People’s time and attention...

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Digital Marketing Tips for Optimal Engagement

The essence of your brand is how an individual feels when engaging with you. How can you pursue this to end strong in 2022? Be intentional with digital marketing. Three tips to strengthen your digital marketing and increase brand engagement. Optimize across channels. Make it personal. Assess.

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